Celebrating local heroes

Yesterday was a really nice experience in Ystad. They celebrated their local stars and the people working endlessly behind them. During the day, me and Magdalena Forsberg did some lectures for sponsors, coaches and athletes. More info on http://www.ystadsallehanda.sedavid magda

Me and Magdalena outside the conference hall

Then the day continued with a gala where awards were given to athletes of the year, clubs of the year and so on. It was followed by a dinner for everyone involved. I am really impressed when a small town like Ystad (population ca 20.000) manages to host an event at this level. Everyone truly appreciated the gala, and the whole concept. Congrats to the people behind this day, absolutely perfect. Read more on http://www.idrottsdagen.se

intervju ystad

Me in an interview with Ystads Allehanda. Their questions were randomly selected by me spinning a wheel

Thanks to Gustav Wennerholm for these pics

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