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The world is always changing. Nowadays a lot faster than it did a hundred years ago. Naturally, this is because we as individuals change a lot faster than we did a hundred years ago.

We work more

We travel more

We experience more

Myself, being disabled from birth, have the fortune of being born at the exact right time and place. In a country with a solid economy, in a period of time where we invested an enormous amount of time and money to help the ”less fortunate” to have a decent life.

Had I been born a hundred years ago, I would never have survived my first week. Instead, I already traveled several times around the world before my 25th birthday.

Had I been born seventy-five years ago, I would have spent most of my life in an institution. Instead, I run four different companies, and travel all over the world giving lectures in entrepreneurship and inspiration.

Had I been born at the exact right time, but in a less fortunate country, I would never have been able to contribute anything to people around me. Instead, I have inspired hundreds of thousands of people during lectures. I employ several people. I pay taxes.

I want to give people a glimpse of what I do.

I want to give people the hope that we can achieve anything in life when, with the help of others, we start believing in ourselves.

This is my life.

David Lega


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