Complete rehaul of

Today’s been lots and lots of meetings in Goteborg. First, we sat down and worked everything out concerning the fashion shows in the U.S this spring and summer. Me and my business partner Andreas are really excited about this opportunity for us, but also to be able to bring this system to make nice clothes to more people than before.

Then, I  sat down for a few hours with my webdesigners on Image&Form,, to see how we can completely re-do my website, It is starting to feel a bit crowded, and too much info on the same site. We need to make a difference for my keynote speeches, my clothes, and other businesses and make it more visible for new visitors. This, naturally, takes a lot of time, but is so fun to be in the process as well!

We must never be afraid to change and to dare to try new things, regardless if the changes are personal, or part of work…


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