Preparing for the Sports Gala tonight

Right now I am in Stockholm for the Swedish Sports Gala (Idrottsgalan) that will take place tonight. I arrived this morning to have time for an interview with the newspaper Expressen before lunch. They will make a big article next week. Then I had lunch with one of our new Paralympic stars, Christoffer Lindhe, who swam his first Paralympic finals in Beijing this summer.

I really enjoy taking part of this event every year. It’s one of the few times that all of us athletes, new and old, get together in a relaxed environment without competing. I already had good time to chat with Stefan Holm, Carolina Kluft and Anders Olsson. Even if it is live broadcasted by Swedish TV, SVT, and all of us wear tuxedos, it feels relaxed since we don’t have to perform.

Final preparations also include ironing the clothes for tonight 🙂 My assistant Mikael performs at top level.

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