Paralympians ruled at the Sports Gala

The Sports Gala for 2008 is over, and looking back it’s been an amazing year for Paralympians and disabled sport. Surely, before we were a few athletes who had won respect for our achievements, but this year all of our sport were acknowledged as an elite sport. In the vote for Jerringpriset, the people’s award, 2 of the top 5 athletes were disabled. Anders Olsson at 3rd place and Jonas Jacobsson at 4th place. Worth noting, Zlatan Ibrahimovic came in 7th.

Here are some pics from my own camera:

red carpet1The entrance to the gala is crowded with all media in Sweden. Here, me and Anders Olsson were simultaneously interviewed on the red carpet.

red carpet2Just crossing the red carpet took at least 10 minutes with all the interviews and photos on the way. In the foreground, table tennis legend Jörgen Persson. In the back, Arne Ljungqvist.

legatv galaDuring the dinner before the TV production started, I had the incredible honour of delivering part of my speeches on the big screens in front of the thousands of specially invited guests. Some of my video episodes from Lega Weekly on TV4 this autumn were screened to all athletes and other guests as an inspiration. This was an incredible feeling for me.

jonasjIn December, Jonas Jacobsson won the outstanding achievement award of 2008 (Bragdguldet). Yesterday, he recieved it, on the Gala. I am proud of Jonas’ achievements this year, he is extremely worthy of all recognition!

hagglundA social event like this, gives many opportunities to meet and talk to interesting and inspiring people, not only from the World of Sports. Here, I am in a conversation right after the cameras were turned off, with Göran Hägglund – Sweden’s Minister for Health and Social Affairs in the Swedish Government.

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