Back blogging

Ok, back after the vacation 🙂

It’s been a good july back here in Sweden. I started working the last week in Umeå, doing a lecture there, but it is still rather calm here. I went to an amazing concert with U2 last week and one with Madonna two days ago. Madonna was good, but U2 was great. They work so well with the audience and makes everyone feel special. Also, the stage was beyond everything that I have ever seen before!

IMG_1503Then, today I went over to the Ronald McDonald House for families with children that spend a lot of time in hospitals. The R McD House makes it possible for many of these families to stay and live together right next to the hospital without spending all the time in that environment. The houses gives them the opportunity to live as a family, even if they need to be a few months away from home. I had tons of board games back home that I went there to donate so that the children can have more things to play with. That might be a good way for all of us to help out, donate toys and games, instead of keeping them in a garage or basement.


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