4 very busy days

I know it’s been a few days since my last post, I finally just got back home after 4 days travelling. I  started out friday morning going to MISA for a meeting with the R&D Board. Then I stayed over at my very good friend Sosso’s place in Uppsala. We had a great time, talking, relaxing, eating and watching old YouTube clips all night. Sosso also works as a lecturer, and she is a really really good one, look into her website.

She even manufactured a “pall”, almost like the one I got at home for me, so it would be easier to be comfortable there 🙂 How cute is that?

IMG_0274Then I continued to Stockholm for the 15 year anniversary of MISA that I wrote about in my previous post. I stayed over in Stockholm, had a quick lunch with Therese Albrechtson, who also was there working. She’s got a great blogIMG_0278, we even took pics of each other at the same time for our blogs!

We continued to Kolmården, to meet parents and families where children are suffering from MPS. I was there together with Olof Röhlander and Lasse Gustafsson, 2 amazing speakers and coaches.

Then, straight back to Goteborg for the opening ceremony of UEFA UNDER21 European Championships and the game between Spain and Germany. I actually got to sit close to Mr. Platini during the dinner before the game. I was such a huge fan of him!


The game was good, unfortunately it ended 0-0, but I enjoyed it!


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