Los Angeles and the Queen

It’s been a fascinating weekend with Fashion Shows in Los Angeles followed by the 20-year old celebration of Ågrenska in presence of HRH The Queen of Sweden.

We flew to Los Angeles Thursday to take part of the second of the four shows in the U.S this year. The Abilities Expo was held in Anaheim next to Disneyland, and it was a great Expo! All the clothes made to the models fit perfectly and the shows were a sure success.

Here are some pics:


The amazing Madonna Long, one of Chloe Magazine’s owners


David Korse, owner of the Expo tries his suit we made for him. Notice the crocs 🙂


Andreas tries to become the new King on Disneyland

We landed yesterday afternoon, then it was straight to Ågrenska this morning for the 20-year celebration. A good conference followed by festivities with the queen as well. We had the time for a quick talk outside after the speeches. Check Ågrenska out at http://www.agrenska.se


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