Beyoncé, Princess Birgitta and Kevin Borg

That’s a weird combination for one day, I know. But it’s been a hectic day, starting with business meetings for LegaWear early this morning. We looked into the possibilities and future for the company together with Connect West and it is looking brighter than ever 🙂

Then, a quick trip to Hill’s Golf Club, where there was a celebrity golf tournament for the children’s hospital in Goteborg. I was there together with Princess Birgitta of Denmark, Kevin Borg from Swedish Idol, Anna Book and others. I really did all I could to go there for a few hours, since I believe that it is extremely important for the children and parents to have someone there to talk to, who also spent a lot of time at hospitals as a child.


Then, quickly back home for a phone conference before the big sports meeting this weekend with RF. Then, quickly to Scandinavium for a concert with Beyoncé Knowles. A really really professional concert that I enjoyed. Not spontaneous, but professional 🙂


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