The sun shines in Karlstad

Today was an extremely early morning where I had to get up at 4.50 to catch the 6.30 plane to get to Karlstad for a morning lecture at the University. They have a day every year called HotSpot where local companies are there to look for new talents to employ and to market their own companies. The day is mixed with two lectures, the first one was me, the second was my very good friend Janne Bylund, the comedian!

bylund-lecture05We always enjoy hanging out and are very good friends. I am even godfather to his son Jonathan 🙂

Recently, Janne has made a huge succes as a radio star in the morning shows as a stand-in to Gert Fylking. And next week he is Anna Skipper’s guest in the  TV3 hit “You are what you eat”. I am sure this will be great entertainment for all of us 🙂

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