World premiere

I didn’t have time to write yesterday, it was a fun and hectic day. Early in the morning I flew to Stockholm to do a lecture for DnB NOR. It was a good experience and it is always fun to work with banks, even in times like these. Here’s a pic of me and Ann-Catrin from DnB NOR. She has three children who competes in swimming, so we had lots to talk about.

dnb nor

Then, me and Malin went directly to see a World Premiere of our good friend Martin Falklind’s new fishing movie about trouts, “The Gentleman’s Fish”. Over 500 people went to Lorensbergsteatern to see his new movie. I really enjoyed the film and the way Martin affects our thoughts about the environment and how to protect our waters. He does it in a way that makes people think, instead of using blame and defense as an effect.

Here’s Martin and Maria on stage


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