Full house in Falköping

falkopingToday, I had a lecture in Falköping for people working for every area of the community. It became a great day with close to 500 people in the audience! We talked about how to meet and interact with people, but also about how to make people grow better confidence for themselves. I believe, and will always fight for, that people in need of support also needs a variation of encouragement and demands to make their progress continue. If we don’t dare to place demands on people, they run the risk of not developing to the extent that they can.

radio falkopingAfterwards, I stayed for about an hour doing interviews for 2 local newspapers, 2 radio stations and a special magazine for and created by people with disabilities and special needs. All these groups and different types of media are important, and I will always try to have the time to talk to them.img_0040

It still had time, with only minutes to go, to get back to Goteborg and watch the Indians crush Luleå in the 4th game of the quarter finals! Again, they made a 5-1 result, so it looks pretty good before the game tomorrow. The bottom picture is of a very depressed Luleå goalkeeper after the 5th goal 🙂

frolunda lulea

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