Signed contract – Dedicated to Sports 2009



I signed a contract with Göteborg & Co about the continuing effort to make Goteborg the leading city in sport events for disabled. Last year was a great year, wich lead to Goteborg applying to host the IBSA World Games in 2011. This year we will map and schedule the following events to bid for!

I feel proud that my home town is willing to fight for this position as leading city. It is important for the athletes and the sport, but I believe that it is important for the city as well. For goodwill, but also for the atmosphere during events. Goteborg is for everyone!

Then after that, I went to a meeting followed by lunch with Maria Nilsson at the Swedish Exhibition and Congress Centre in Goteborg about the Expo for disabled in April. This expo follows directly after the Abilities Expo in New York in April as well, so I will be landing in Sweden the same day the Swedish Expo begins. In Goteborg, I won’t focus on marketing the clothes in LegaWear only, since this already is known in Sweden. We will look more into marketing the whole brand of Lega, with everything from suits to books!

Here we are finding a good spot for our company:


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