Penguin T-shirts and Wellness

Today, me and Therese Albretchtson from GreyZone stood all day at the Wellness fair in Goteborg. We have an exhibition and sales of LegaWear and GreyZone all weekend! It feels great to work together with her, she is an amazing role-model and friend, recent winner of Europe’s Best Young Entrepreneur by BusinessWeek. Check her companies out!

Just read what she says:

“If I choose to walk the same path as everyone else, I will also reach the same destination and get the same result as everyone else…”

I am proud to have her as a friend 🙂

Here we are building the exhibition yesterday:

We will be there all the time during the weekend as well!

By the way, here’s the new folder for the T-shirts, made by Dragster who designed them!


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