Preparing the U.S. Tour with LegaWear

With only two months to go before the first fashion show in New York for LegaWear, me and Andreas sat down and took a full day of preparing our ads, pics and models. We really do want to be as prepared as possible since we know that so many Americans are getting interested in the system we have for tailoring suits. We have a huge increase already with articles, mail questions and hits on our website and we are really looking forward to the N.Y. Show!

Looking through all the old docs, we found these old pics from the Sweden-launch in 2005:legawear1

We were written about in a new Swedish book about entrepreneurs, ‘Made In Sweden’, and the thought were that we should both serve the other in a team. Don’t remember why we used a fish though…. but it looks delicious 🙂legawear2

Two months to go!

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