Friday evening

Today’s been a busy day in Goteborg with a lot of interesting meetings. I started out meeting the great people behind Peak Vision, that works with coaching and personal development. Check them out on

Then we met up with my good friend Olof Röhlander, the speaker and man behind It always feels good meeting him and people like Karolina and Martin at Peak Vision. I always end up inspired and with at least 5 new ideas for myself. Here we are at my room at Södra Porten:

olof and peakvision

Then, I spent most of my Friday Evening on the phone with a board meeting for the Swedish Sport Association for the Disabled. I did not have time to travel up to Eskilstuna today, so unfortunately, I had to take part over the phone.

Now, for a nice calm evening with Malin, which probably will end up with us both falling asleep in the couch. Nice 🙂

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