LegaWear joins ABILITIES EXPO in the U.S.

Now it’s official! LegaWear will join the Fashion Showcases in the Abilities Expos all over the United States in 2009. The shows are hosted by Chloe Magazine. We will be in New York in April, Anaheim in May, Chicago in June and in Atlanta in November. This is the frontpage of chloemagazine.com


We will show our unique measurement system where everyone get tailor-fitted suits regardless of disabilities or body type. You measure yourself online and get well fitted suits made in Bangkok, Thailand delivered to your home, regardless of where you live in the world! Here are some examples of our clothes:

We are thrilled to have this first opportunity to show our system and designs overseas and to be able to help people with difficulties to get nice clothes at a decent price. To enhance their quality of life.

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