Me and Ingvar Kamprad among the most popular speakers in Sweden

I just received the news that I am on top 10 list of Sweden’s most popular Business 2 Business lecturers! Where entrepreneurs share their own experiences to motivate others.

The list shows the top 10, without any individual order, so naturally I am honoured to be recognized this way. The top 10 also include Ingvar Kamprad of IKEA and Peter Settman.

Here’s the full list in alphabetical order:

Anders Borg, Micael Dahlén, Teo&Fredrik Härén, Stina Honkamaa, Ingvar Kamprad, Daniel Kaplan, Gurra Krantz, David Lega, Susanne Liljenberg, Peter Settman

P.S. Regarding the news about LegaWear, we have to delay the press release to tomorrow. Sorry about that.

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