Don’t Tell Me Words Don’t Matter

How is it that some people are so amazing at motivating others? That they always find the right thing to say in the right moment?

I believe that most of the times it is a delicate mix between talent and practice. Becuase it really doesn’t matter how talented you are, if you never practiced. It really doesn’t matter that you say the exact right things, if you don’t support the right words with the correct number of pauses. And it really doesn’t matter if everything is correct, if you have the wrong body language.

I decided to create a new category called motivation. Here I will post links to some of the speeches that I find most amazing. They may be from sports or politics. They may be real or from the movies. The point is that the speakers have found a way to touch people in their spirit. Please comment on what you like and dislike.

First up, one of the best speakers in the world, President Barack Obama. Regardless is you are a fan or not, look at how he acts and what he says. This is an old speech from 2007, Don’t Tell Me Words Don’t Matter.

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