Photoshoot at Expressen

Just got home after a long day in Stockholm. It started on the plane with the amazing news that Therese Albrechtsson won Business Week’s contest Europe’s Best Young Entrepreneur of 2008. (see previous post)

Then I had a 7 hour meeting at Misa. Misa a swedish company that offers work related activities to people that have acquired obstructions for work. They are an amazing company, check them out at Our cooperation started when I held a lecture for them this autumn. Now, they have created a R&D advisory council, which I will join during 2009. We will meet once a month. I really look forward to this new assignment. misa tavla

When I came there today, I noticed that they actually had framed a drawing of my model that I made during my lecture and it hung on their entrance wall. Quite an honour!

Then I went directly to a photo studio in Stockholm to take some pictures to a big article for the Expressen newspaper. It will be a full story on Saturday, so I won’t reveal any details now… I will give you some Behind the Scenes pics though 🙂


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