Who will be Sweden’s most popular athlete?

Just a few more days before Sweden’s Sport Gala for 2008. It will take place in Stockholm Globe Arena on Monday and almost every succesful athlete will join for the festivities. I have been in the board for the event a few years now, and it is always exciting to take part. During the evening, we will celebrate the best athletes of the year, including disabled athletes. This picture is from when I was on stage with HRH Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden in 2005.


One of the biggest award is “Jerringpriset”, where the people of Sweden vote on their most popular favourite. This year, two paralympians is in the top 10 finals. I hope that all swedes take the opportunity to vote for either Anders Olsson or Jonas Jacobsson 🙂

More on http://www.idrottsgalan.com

Today, I was in Enköping and held a lecture for a friend, Tony Wirehn, former secretary general of the Swedish Tennis Association. Nowadays, he works for Cloetta, and I had a lecture for the sales team from all over Sweden. It was at an old castle, beautiful scenery!


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