Whitesnake or Bruce Springsteen?

David Coverdale played in Goteborg the same year that I was born, that time with Deep Purple. Today he returned to the Scandinavium Arena with Whitesnake. Even if I never have been a big fan of either band I always enjoy watching them on stage. To see how they interact with the audience, between each other in the band and with the crew. And to see real pros that have been doing this since before my birth is always inspiring. Unfortunately, this probably wasn’t their best evening. They felt pretty tired and uninspired. If you are on stage, you have a responsibility to perform your best, and this was far from it. I know, they have been playing for over 30 years, but all the more reason to stop if you don’t enjoy what you do.


Whitesnake in Goteborg, taken from my private seats in the stadium

My true role model on stage is Bruce Springsteen. You can’t fake that energy! I really hope that I still will enjoy what I do as much as he does, even after so many years. I saw him twice this summer here in Goteborg, and I have never seen anyone who connects with his audience that good. I found a YouTube clip from the concert that I saw. Check out how he works, especially around 2:20 into the clip and forward. Absolutely amazing!

Springsteen 2008, Ullevi Arena in Goteborg

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