Staying positive?

Last flight before the Holidays

Today was my last day working in Stockholm before Christmas. I did a lecture for AXA Sports Club,, who works a lot with healthy food marketed through famous Swedish Athletes. One of their most famous stars is Susanna Kallur.


I believe that this is a great way to market a good and healthy product. Sanna is an amazing athlete, who has won the hearts of the people of Sweden time after time. She is a really good role model, humble in victory which is extremely important for children to see as well.

After coming home to Goteborg, I had some meetings preparing lectures for January. And just before I started writing this post, I got a mail from my agent with an old Statoil commercial attached. I usually don’t send these kinds of things forward, but this was exactly my sense of humour. It isn’t always easy to be positive…. especially when it’s snowing!

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