Where do people who inspires others get inspiration?

The holidays are coming up, and naturally the pace for lecturers and people who inspires others slow down at the same time. Now, this is a calm period for most of us. So, when Olof Röhlander (www.upphopp.se) called around for a joint Christmas Party for us, over 50 decided to come to Goteborg from all over Sweden! The big “stars” came as well as the new entrepreneurs and lecturers, but we all had our profession in common.

It was a really nice evenening where we all had the time to relax and just talk to everyone, usually we just run past each other backstage of a conference center, one getting on and the other off stage.

Here are some pics of the evening where I myself got a lot of inspiration:

lasse manuelMe, Lasse Gustavsson and Manuel Knight

UnestahlSweden’s Guru of Personal Development,  Lars-Eric Uneståhl

miaThe Always Happy, Mia Törnblom

whole teamEveryone at the same time

Olof, thanks for a great evening with lots of laughs!

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