New award

for the Swedish Sports Organisation for Disabled and Sweden’s Paralympic Committee.

Just a few days after Jacobsson won “Bragdguldet” as the first disabled athlete, the Swedish Sports Organisation for disabled ( won the title Sports Organisation of the year, selected out of the 68 different Sports Organisations in Sweden. This is a big recognition of the work made by SHIF every day, and I am extremely happy and proud of them, and to be a part of the award as a board member the last 6 years.

In the pressrelease, it is said the we get the award, not only for the outstanding achievements in this year’s Paralympic Games, but also because we are an important international role model with broad and including activities nationwide.


House of Sports, Stockholm

It is so important the we not only encourage and give tribute to the stars, the celebrities, but also to the people devoting their lives to make them and our sport what it is today. I am honoured to work together with all of you, and I really hope that you all celebrate, because this award is for all of you in Stockholm. Congratulations!


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