Trusting people

This evening, I did a lecture for students at Handelsakademin,, who creates educations that are supposed to generate work for the students, KY.


It is a great place, I will do lectures there four times in December, for their students as well as their partners. A few years ago, this was where I rented my first office when I wanted to move my work away from my home. I realized I wanted to rent my room in that atmosphere the first time that I visited in 2001.

The owner, Björn Lager, showed me around and by the entrance they had a small unsupervised “self-service” cafeteria. The students took the candy, coffee and products from the counter and dropped money in a small bucket on the counter. I was curious and asked Björn if it really worked. Did the students put money in the bucket? And he said “No, we lose some money every month. But it is more important that we show the students that we trust them.”

Later, the same day, I called Björn and asked if I could rent my office at his school.


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