Outstanding achievement (Bragd) by Jacobsson

It is an important day for Paralympians, but I believe that it is a large step for all of Sweden. To select a disabled athlete to have done the outstanding achievement of 2008 in sports, is to write history.

Because that means saying, not that we treat sports for disabled equal, but that we value performances made by disabled athletes equal. We are not the first country in the world to make this statement, but there aren’t many countries in the world that have done anything similar. One is Canada, where Chantal Peticlerc is a national hero,  and now we can join that group. And Jonas is a national hero too. To become the most successful Paralympian ever in the world with 29 Paralympic medals, 16 of them gold, is just amazing. To keep his energy and focus, even though he has won gold medals in every Paralympic Games since 1980 is worth applauding.


Jonas will recieve his gold medal in january, at the much celebrated sports gala in Stockholm

I was elected into the jury three years ago, to provide the knowledge and experience from disabled sports that the jury felt that it was lacking. I myself, was nominated for the award twice, in 1996 and 1998. I am proud to be a part of this jury, and I am proud of Jonas and his achievements. My thoughts also go to Anders Olsson, the Paralympic Swimmer, who also has been mentioned in the discussion before hand.

david svd

Me doing interviews by the attending media

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