A whole day of travelling

I usually never work on weekends. I always try to keep that time free, but this weekend I have been asked to go to Haugesund, Norway to work with the Norwegian Soccer Federation. So early this morning I flew to Copenhagen and then to Haugesund. It took quite a few hours with a long waiting time in Denmark. So, after checking into the hotel, we went out and took a walk around town, it’s really beautiful with the fjords and quite small. Only about 30.000 people live here.

Now, we are sitting at a nice small pub/restaurant waiting for some fajitas. I always try to get out of the hotel when I have the time to see and experience something new for myself as well. I think that it is really important when you travel a lot that you take the time to get new experiences for yourself instead of just using the time to sleep or work. This is a big part of why I love my job so much.

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