Idol and Jack Bauer

I took the flight early back home from Oslo this morning to get a calm evening at home with Malin. Even though I am heading back to Norway tomorrow to work with their soccer federation, it is worth it. Some people probably think that it’s hard to travel in a wheelchair, but I travel at least 15-20 days per month, and I never had a problem with it. As with everything else, it’s about daring to do something new the first time, and it is a shame that so many people never see new things around them, because they are too afraid not knowing what they will see. I have travelled to Fiji without hotel reservations, to San Fransisco with a broken wheelchair, and things ALWAYS turn out good. Sometimes you just have to make the leap.


But when working, I will always prefer heading back home the same day, if it means getting a nice evening at home watching Idol and maybe even the premier of ’24’ later tonight! I like Idol. I have always enjoyed both the Swedish and the American version. I like seeing people reaching for their dreams, and those of them who strive so hard to do so. You can really see the difference in everything from will to focus. I think all of them have the talent, but you need the will as well. It’s the same in sports, all 8 people in a 100m final have the physical attributes and talent needed to win. Yet, it’s almost always the same people winning. Most of it comes from determination and will. I am not a big fan of the auditioning part of Idol though. It’s heartbreaking making fun of people in that way.


Now, I have already prepared my TV with the first episode of ’24’. I have followed that series together with one of my best friends Andreas since season 1, and finally it’s time for the new one! It is allowed to be childishly awaiting something silly as well 🙂

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