Swedish Sport Achievement of 2008: Bragdguldet

And it starts… the fascinating discussion about who will receive one of the most prestigius awards a swedish athlete can win. I have been in the jury for the last 2 years, and we will meet to decide this year’s winner in a week from now. I will post some articles from the debate here, apologies for the bad translation, but I won’t have time to do it myself, so I just used Google Translate…

I will not give you my opinion at this stage, just share the debate.


From SvD the 24th of November: http://www.svd.se/sportspel/nyheter/artikel_2087727.svd

by Jan Majlard (translated by Google)

It is said that Swedes are just themselves on holiday. Therefore, I offered a small “charter jury” – consisting of a bus driver, a nanny, a painter, barbers, a police and the jazz legend’s son – to give their views on this year’s feat in a UNSCIENTIFIC mini poll at the pool’s edge.
It gave two main answers – if an active from the Paralympics would win:
– Well, okay ‘fun …
– But, wait a minute …

My impression was that the unqualified cheer more often came from the not too interested in sports.
While they may wake up at dawn sweaty by surprise over crowd numbers in Bandy meeting Broberg-Villa on reflection seems discern some interpretation problems.

As I understood the matter was the comparison with non-disabled sportsmen / women that made the problem.
As for the concrete mixer and past goalkeeper in Medelpad Club Viskan in the air chair in front of me on the journey home.

In his mind, did pretty quickly doubt that rifle shooter Jonas Jacobsson really responded to this year’s Swedish sports achievement sitting in his wheelchair.
Anyone can wonder: Would the heavy with gold athlete be equally perfect next to all the world’s shooters? Had he been as hot in the achievement debate if  Hakan Dahlby stood up to pressure and took the gold in double trap? Is it since the Swedish Olympic squad in Beijing combed zero in the gold column as the successors of the Paralympics will be obvious candidates?

The questions are many and difficult to answer.
Efforts in the swimming pool is perhaps best symbolism. While Stefan Nystrand sank like a stone in the results while Anders Olsson created golden rings on the water. Exposed to a completely different competition.

I was in the Paralympics standing amazed and filled with admiration in front of a tv screen in the editorial that showed the Mexican swimmer Christopher Troncos – just starting from the block.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, this was like a thick novel.

What is his story? How is it possible?
Paralympics shows that all disabled sportsmen / women are doing an achievement just to compete. Dimensions will be huge compared to what a “normal” athletes can do.

I am thinking of the series SvD’s Today page in the fall published on the subject back to life. Among other descriptive stroke patients who struggled against a well-lives by climbing up on horseback.
Such achievements are not measurable in tenths or centimeters, but nevertheless achievements.

The Polish teen Piotr Grudziek showed in the Paralympics what you can achieve at a table tennis – despite a leg length difference at approximately one decimetre.
His blazing forehand was enough to end not to keep the experienced Chinese Chen Gung rod, but in its way was the kid Grudzieks performance in the field as much as veteran Jörgen Persson.

Even if Poland would not get many balls in a match against Hallands forever green trees. Like little as Anders Olsson would catch up with Michael Phelps.
The Paralympics is done between difference of athletes in each discipline.

The degree of disability determines what class the active comes in.
But the judge, in a perspective of achievement degree of disability? Should there be a parameter in the assessment?

And how much weight in the balance the fact that they are not at the same time, measured their strength against the proven best in the world? As Charlotte Kalla doing in the ski tracks.
There are delicate issues that feat Board to consider.

As independent writer in the week, I will argue for the selected candidates.
May the best man / woman win.

Again, sorry for the translation, but I wanted to give all of you a glimpse of the debate. Swedes, look at the link above for the original!



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