It doesn’t come for free

I really enjoy talking to students. Especially students that are so determined to achieve something so they are willing to work for it. They realize that it doesn’t come for free and that it takes hard work to strive towards a goal. My first lecture today was for students that volunteered to work at the WAN conference held in Goteborg this summer. They worked for free, but those of them who wanted to, probably learned so much at the same time. I talked and met with them for an hour, and it really gave me something as well! They listened, questioned and discussed a lot more than I was prepared for and it was so rewarding for me trying to answer their questions and thoughts as well.

students in a pub

Thank you for a nice afternoon!

Then I went to Öckerö to make a public lecture about health and motivation. This was probably my best lecture ever. I always want to evolve and get better. It doesn’t always work, but today we had a great atmosphere and I felt that I really reached my goal. My dream is to do my best lecture ever, everytime. But my realistic goal is to do my best lecture ever, at least once a month, so that I continue to move forward…  I would have a hard time finding the motivation to perform several times a week without that goal.


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