Me in a Nike Commercial

One of my proudest moments this year was, without a doubt, when I was selected to be a part of Nike’s new commercial before the Beijing Games: Bottled Courage.

The commercial shows courage in sport and in life, from all times. We are two Paralympians in the commercial, me and Oscar Pistorius from South Africa. He is an amazing and inspiring athlete, and in this commercial he represents the present, and I the past. Kind of funny, but true. It’s been eight years, since I participated in a big sporting event, nowadays my competition is lecturing and entrepreneurship.

Other athletes in the commercial include John McEnroe, Michael Jordan and Sharapova. The music is a great track from The Killers which repeats the lyrics “I’ve got soul, but I’m not a soldier”.

You really need to focus to see me, I am there for less than a second, around 0:21.

I am happy and proud to be in the commercial alongside some of the greatest athletes of all times, and that what I achieved as an athlete isn’t forgotten.

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