Never Surrender pics

Saturday afternoon, and I just got back from Goteborg Open, a competition for disabled children, where LegaWear and the Penguin Collection are sponsors. I really enjoy that competition, it was my first one, when I was 8 years old in 1981.  Here are some more pics from the fashion show saturday:


Harald Treutiger and Håkan Mild on the catwalk

Me and Therese

Me and Therese greeting the 300 guests

suit model

Suit from LegaWear on the catwalk


We awarded Christoffer Lindhe, paralympic swimmer, a scholarship of €2.000

Check into for more press pictures from the show.

Thank you all for coming, it was an amazing evening for me and Malin. It’s always interesting and fun to host an event, but to do it in a new area is always a bit nervous before…

If you want to see the collection of clothes, go to the LegaStore.

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