Calm weekend

This became one of those relaxing weekends before the storm. Next week is going to be extremely hectic, preparing for the fashion show that we host on Thursday evening. I really look forward to it! It always feels good, when something that you have been preparing for, for such a long time, really closes in. But it was nice with a calm weekend before. I never had any problems relaxing, I think that is probably why I can work so hard during some periods, because I really know how to relax when I have the time.

I even made a purchase today. I went downtown and bough a wine-refrigerator to my home. It is quite a cool gadget, but also practical.

Wine-fridge I enjoy a nice glass of wine nowadays. When I was an athlete, I didn’t drink any alcohol for ten months before an important competition. In those days, I would never have had any bottles in my apartment. But nowadays, I feel fine with it, although I would never drink more than a glass in public. It just gives the wrong impression, and I really dislike when celebrities, especially athletes, get drunk in public. They are too important as role-models.

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