Empty gate

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes things happen that you can’t do anything about. I was supposed to catch a plane this morning to go to Sundsvall for a lecture, but after waiting over an hour for the delayed flight, I realized that time was running out. I was going to miss my connecting flight from Stockholm, and the next one would leave after my lecture was scheduled.

Empty gate in GOT

At moments like that, I always get very efficient. I go into “problem-solving mode” and it took me and my PA, Berit, 10 minutes to chech every other option on how to get there in time. We checked every alternativa available, from other airline companies, trains, going by car. I even considered a flight via Norway! And we realized that there was nothing we could do…

We had to cancel the lecture, but fortunately they found a reserve from Stockholm. To those waiting for me there, I am sorry that I couldn’t come, but I honestly did everything I could.

And somehow that is all that matters. If I do everything in my power to succeed, and still fail, I never feel like a failure. But if I fail, without really trying, that is a true failure.

P.S. Today’s article in Expressen/GT


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