Stop the presses!

This afternoon, I sent out a press release together with Therese Albrechtson regarding the LegaWear and GreyZone cooperation that I mentioned before in a previous post. Together, we announced a fashion show we will host in Goteborg the 20th of november. We also announced that this is the first step of more collaborations to come! Therese is an amazing entrepreneur and role model, and I am happy and proud to work together with her. Anders Ylander

Check out for more info on Therese

Regarding the fashion show, we announced that we will show our new collections for the first time this evening. GreyZone will show new jewelry,, and LegaWear will launch their first collection of T-shirts. I believe that it is extremely important that we all achieve as much as we can in our lives, and enjoy it, instead of focusing on how good everyone else is all the time. To be proud when we become better, instead of striving to be best. This is the message of the Penguin Collection, and what the T-shirts are all about!


The T-shirst will be on sale online in the LegaStore from the 21st of November and hopefully in retail stores soon

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