Support the teachers

This afternoon I had a lecture for teachers in Malmö, sponsored by the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. The purpose is to increase the cooperation between our educational system and the enterprises.

Swedish EnterpriseI will visit some cities all over Sweden to give my view on why it is so important to support the students in their will to strive forward. And even to place demands on them to motivate them to reach further. Without teachers placing demands on me, I would never ever have had to perform in school.

If I never had to perform, I would have developed any of the skills I use in my life, regardless if it is in business or in life. I will always be extremely grateful towards my teachers who dared to believe that I could excel, instead of letting me just pass the time.

We need to show our teachers how important they are. To give them the confidence they need, to support so many, that will take over our world someday.

My teachers treated me as everyone else. They gave me top grades when I had worked for them and they gave me detention when I deserved it. I owe them so much.

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