Intense morning

Started out pretty early with a meeting with the CEO of Mobycator, Mr Martin Eriksson. I am in the board and own a part of the company. Together with Sales Manager Sanna Parvaneh, we discussed new ways to market the product MobycatorTV. It is really quite amazing, a software to cellphones that makes streaming of video and pictures sent directly online through the cellphone camera. I use it a lot on my website, to videoblog.

This video shows how easy it is:

After that, I met with the CEO of LunchExpress and Södra Porten, a really good friend and entrepreneur. We discussed a breakfast meeting we will host for the Business Network in Goteborg, MiG.


This was followed by a 7-minute lunch at home, and now I am about to get in the car for a 200km drive to Nässjö, for this evening’s lecture in Sport Psychology!

Some days can be extremely high-paced, but I think that’s also a reason why I love it. The variation and pace inspires me enormously!

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