My first hero

Every friday, I have a few minutes to discuss goals and inspiration on Swedish Television, TV4, together with Harald Treutiger.

Unfortunately, the clip is only available in Swedish, but I decided to put some of them here anyway, for those of you that understands it.

This week’s epsiode was shot in my office, next to the original Superman Cape, worn by Christopher Reeve in Superman I. I bought it in Las Vegas, Ceasar’s Palace, several years ago.

Superman was my first hero. In some ways he probably still is.

I actually had the oppurtunity to see Christopher Reeve once, at the Opening Ceremony of the 1996 Atlanta Paralympic Games. He talked about goals and said that his goal was to be able to walk again after his accident. Christopher Reeve was a great man, and rolemodel for millions, but I believe that we have to separate goals from dreams.

Goals needs to be realistic, Dreams does not. If we mix them up, we will crash harder when we realize that sometimes our dreams are impossible.

My first hero

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