A new review of my book

I just noticed that Disaboom published a new review of HANDSFREE

Printed in 2008
Printed in 2008

Humor Abounds in Hands Free: David Lega’s Inspiring Journey
by Rebecca Donnelly

Hands Free: David Lega’s Inspiring Journey documents the story of Swedish Paralympic medalist David Lega, who was named “Outstanding Young Person of the World” for 2005 by the International Junior Chamber of Commerce, and it’s no wonder.

Here’s a guy who retired from competitive swimming in his 20s after winning three World Championship Gold medals and now cruises around in a wheelchair of his own design, lecturing, studying law, and working with disability groups across Europe. All that, and he can shoot an air gun with his tongue.

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Thank you for a nice review, and congratulations to an amazing and extremely important website!


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