Written question to the HRVP Borrell

To the High Representative/Vice President, Josep Borrell Fontelles,
regarding the deteriorating human rights and humanitarian situation in Cuba.

The pandemic outbreak has had severe consequences on an already grievous Cuba, resulting in one of the worst food shortages in 25 years. In addition, there is a lack of necessary hygiene supplies.

It has come to our knowledge that a large shipment of humanitarian aid, collected by Cuba’s exile community, was illegally seized by the Cuban authorities, upon its arrival to Cuba.

We reiterate that the EU-Cuba Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement (PDCA), obliges the Cuban government to uphold and improve human rights and the rule of law. The PDCA includes a provision for the suspension of the agreement, to be applied in the event of a violation of the human rights provisions. We believe that recent events, adding to the long history of severe human rights violations, must be considered a ‘case of special urgency’, as set out in Article 85 of the Agreement.

1. What contact has the HR/VP had with the Cuban Government regarding the barriers blocking humanitarian aid?

2. Does the HR/VP deem the Cuban government to have fulfilled its obligations under the PDCA?

3. Does the HR/VP intend to call an urgent meeting, as provided for in Article 85 of the PDCA?

David Lega (SV/EPP)
Antonio López-Istúriz White (ES/EPP)
Michael Gahler (DE/EPP)