Alla kan utvecklas

Den sista tiden har vi jobbat riktigt hårt med LegaWear inför den sista mässan i USA för 2009. På torsdag åker jag och Andreas till Atlanta för Abilities Expo. Riktigt spännande, jag har inte varit där sedan 1996 och mitt första Paralympics. Jag kommer aldrig att glömma den simhallen. När vi nu åker dit igen …

New LegaWear Commercial

We finally completed our new film from the Chloe Magazine Fashion Showcase in NYC a few weeks ago! A big thank you to: Lt. Ian James Brown, Kimberley Barreda, Scott Chesney, AJ Brown and Santina Muha for being our models and participating at the show. Also, thank you so much to the three Chloe Musketeers: …

Wheelchair pit-stop

Tomorrow, we leave for New York and the Abilities Expo where we launch LegaWear to the U.S. market! It's been a busy week, because we launched another idea today, Lega Travel. So I am gonna get a good night's sleep 🙂 And it is a lot to do before travelling that kind of distance... not …

LegaWear updated

Finally, we have made better pictures for suits and measurements on! The old ones were pretty unclear and it was hard to know exactly how to do your measurements correctly. Now it should be a lot easier 🙂 Check it out on the site!

Wellness success

A quick update from the Wellness Expo! Crowded, inspiring and lots of fun 🙂 working with Therese from GreyZone is always great and motivating. Here is a pic from the expo and one of Therese getting stuck with her finger in our stock room door! She stood there for at least 5 minutes 🙂