Sunday evening

This has been a nice and calm day at home. Malin made a nice potato and leek soup that we ate watching Swedish Idol. I really like the idea of giving the unknown artists a shot at fame, but I will always doubt the concept of Auditioning people with no insight of their abilities and …

Me and Elvis Presley…

It's weird. Me and Elvis got the same award. We were both elected "Outstanding Young Persons of the World" by the JCI, me in 2005 and Elvis in 1971. I just found links to our acceptance speeches, so here they come! Me... And Elvis! Other honorees include, Wayne Gretzky, John F. Kennedy and Leonard Bernstein.


I have never pictured myself as a blogger... never thought that I would have the time to write meaningful articles, texts or just entries several times a week so that people could follow me in my everyday life. But, after a lot of questions from people attending my lectures, here it goes! In order to …

Life Thoughts

All my life, I have believed that we can achieve almost anything, if we have the will and confidence to try! In this category, I will share my thoughts on personal development, positive thinking and how to make the impossible possible


Diary In this category, I will simply write down what I do in my everyday life. Follow me on lectures, business meetings or just hanging out with my friends.