Photo diary

Since I am in Luleå for a few days working I will do some quick updates through my iPhone and camera so you will get a glimpse of how beautiful it is up here. Here is from the flight here and the breakfast room 🙂

Horses and conference center

Today, me and Malin went to my parents home and stables. This is where my mother works as a psychologist and to develop leading skills through horsemanship. They are in the process of finishing their beautiful conference center on the 2nd floor of the stables. Here are some pics from today, more info on

LegaWear updated

Finally, we have made better pictures for suits and measurements on! The old ones were pretty unclear and it was hard to know exactly how to do your measurements correctly. Now it should be a lot easier 🙂 Check it out on the site!

Snowy flight

A quick note from the airport. I am on my way to Stockholm for an afternoon board meeting with the Swedish Paralympic Committee. And it's snowing again! In march! I will write more later 🙂